Ask for your proposal

without obligation.

Ask for your proposal

Without obligation.


Receba a sua viatura em casa, alugue com entrega e recolha incluída.  


Alugue viatura com motorista incluído. 

Na Guerin, damos mais flexibilidade à sua empresa.

Com a Guerin, pode escolher entre contratos de curta ou média duração e ainda tem a possibilidade de alterar o contrato em vigor quando quiser.

Entre em contacto connosco e descubra as nossas oportunidades, para que o seu negócio ande sempre sobre rodas.


Receba a sua viatura em casa, alugue com entrega e recolha incluída.  

Through Guerin Business, your company is more than ready to enter the digital universe, in order to guarantee its mobility autonomously!

Fill in the form above and be contacted by a member of our team, to receive a proposal to open a Guerin digital account, which guarantees fixed prices for a specified period, against any market fluctuation.  

Start renting your car with Guerin Business today!

For all entrepreneurs, SMEs, and Multinationals, we provide a transparent and simple service to manage bookings 100% digitally!

Request a proposal

How do I know if I can be a Guerin Business customer?

If you are a new customer, provided you have the VAT number of a company whose business is currently open, you are eligible to be a Guerin Business customer and receive our proposal.

I am already a Guerin customer with an account manager.

If you already have an account manager at Guerin, you do not qualify for this product. Talk to your account manager who will give you the best options.

I am a Guerin private customer and want to change to a company, may I?

Yes, provided you do not already have an account with an account manager.

I am an individual businessman; can I access Guerin Business?

Yes, even though the VAT is not a company one, but as an individual businessperson you are eligible to have an account with Guerin Business.

I have a problem with the Portal, what should I do?

You should send an email to explaining the problem, the field in which it occurred and, if possible, a screenshot of the problem -> as soon as possible you will have a response with a personalised solution to your problem.

Do I have costs for having an open account?

No. The Guerin business account does not have costs just for existing. The costs it has are only of the rentals that will be done in it and nothing else.

Does the proposal oblige me to rent?

When you receive and fill out our proposal you do not have to rent anything, you can only have the option of having the account open for when you need it (e.g., not knowing at what time of the year you will need it and rent it as you need it).


Become a Guerin Business customer and benefit from exclusive access to the Digital Booking Portal, where you can have personalised quotes, booking requests and management of your contracts.